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Let PhillipCapital India be your guide. At PhillipCapital India, you don't have to face the markets alone. You'll have the premier name in trading behind you. We offer self-directed and broker-assisted trading. Our goal is to make your trading vision an astound reality.

PhillipCapital India offers a host of educational resources to guide help and assist you at every step in your quest to learn the art of trading on the stock exchange.

Do check out our suite of educational trading resources. You can kick start your endeavour by visiting the ABCs of trading section of our website. Do not get intimidated by the jargons of trading, you may yet not know what or how you're going to trade. But that should be the least of your problem because, whether you're interested in short-term or long-term trading, you will find a repository of introductory information available at your disposal. This will also include a self-styled dictionary of terms, which will help you get acquainted with the language of trading.

Practice Trading Risk-Free

It is an old and timeless adage that- Practice makes a man perfect. At PhillipCapital India we hold this adage very dear and implement it as part of our centuries old business practice.

hence, we allow our customers to get a hand-on and risk-free experience of trading online by engaging with our Demo software designed specifically for novices - Trade Online.

The Trade Online Demo platform has all the functions of a real-time trading platform such as live quotes, except for the ability to place orders.

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