Currency Futures Trading

Currency Futures Trading

Currency Futures Trading Overview

We at PhillipCapital have great hope in the tremendous prospects of currency futures and firmly believe it to be force to reckon with in the Indian financial landscape, which has the potential to outperform and surpass the equity and the commodity vertical. At present currency futures are traded at three exchanges namely NSE, BSE and MSEI in India. PhillipCapital is a clearing and trading member of each one of them. Our corporate strategy hinges on the fact that wider market participation is the key to strengthening of the market.


Why PhillipCapital

  • Experienced and qualified team of research analysts
  • Growing presence across the country
  • Dedicated and passionate Relationship Managers
  • Risk monitoring and analysis of the financial markets

Phillip Capital Offerings

Online currency Trading

Online trading affords you the convenience of your home with the feel of the market place. With a secure user ID and an Encrypted password you can trade in multiple currencies of your choice through our trading application.

Corporate Advisory

Our belief that the corporate sector can provide the necessary boost to this segment. Our experience enables us to understand the unique needs and requirements which a corporate harbors vis-à-vis investment and hedging. This is not the period of one-size-fits-all, but of tailor-made customized business solutions that has the potential to fulfill the requirement and deliver with efficiency. Our tradition of building long-lasting relationships that exceeds the expectations of our clients is ably handled by our dedicated and passionate team of relationship managers.

Offline currency Trading

This is the conventional way of doing transactions in the financial markets wherein you can personally place your orders with your Relationship Manager over the phone.

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