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Portfolio Management Services
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Our Award winning PMS comes as an answer to those who would like to grow exponentially on the crest of the India stock markets, with the backing of an expert. We will leverage our experience to be your steadfast partner on the financial waves. We measure our success through the success of our clients. At PhillipCapital PMS we are fully invested in our clients.
Global Expertise for Local Markets
Trust: More than 40 years of successful existence
Research: Rated research analysts for global and local investors
Reach: A global MNC with a presence in 15 countries
Credentials: AUM worldwide more than USD 47 Billion
Secure: Shareholder funds in excess of USD 1.5 Billion
Our Unique Proposition
Fund Manager's Profile
customised portfolio
Customised Portfolio
We do not follow a model portfolio concept. Our bespoke endeavour is to curate bespoke portfolios for individual investors.
scuttlebutt research process
Scuttlebutt Research Process
We conduct extensive ground-level research in addition to management meetings and financial analysis.
staggered investment approach
Staggered Investment Approach
As part of our process, we do not put the entire amount in the markets, over a period of time a portfolio is curated.
nimble approach
Nimble Approach
To take maximum advantage of changing trends, being boutique in nature helps us to make quicker investment decisions.
fm access
Fund Manager Access
The fund management team is constantly available to connect for every investor and investment related queries.
low churn
Low Churn
This is the cornerstone of our investment process – hold on to your winners as long as possible and sell your losers immediately.
Investment Philosophy
Investment Process
management quality
Management Quality
For us, the vision and mission of the management are paramount for the growth of the business.
growth potential
Growth Potential
We look out for companies that have strong prospects for future growth and value appreciation.
Quantitative framework supplemented with qualitative analysis to form a comprehensive view of a company.
Investment Approach
Signature India Portfolio
Emerging India Portfolio
Ethical India Portfolio

The Phillip Signature India portfolio is a meticulously curated investment offering that focuses on capturing the growth potential of the Indian market. This portfolio is designed to provide investors with exposure to a diverse range of high-quality Indian companies across sectors, leveraging in-depth research and expert analysis. With a focus on long-term value creation and capital appreciation, the Phillip Signature India portfolio aims to deliver sustainable returns while navigating the dynamic landscape of the Indian economy.

Investment Objective

To generate superior returns over the medium to long term by investing in cherry-picked stocks across Large, Mid, and Small capitalization companies. The emphasis is to invest in a diversified portfolio of companies having good corporate governance, sustainable growth prospects, in emerging sectors, and in turn around stories

Strategy at a Glance
marketcap signature
Market Cap
Multicap/Flexi cap*
horizon signature
Investment Horizon
Medium to long-term investment approach
holding signature
Focused on a portfolio of around 18-25 carefully chosen names
style signature
Investment Style
Combination of a top-down and bottom-up approach
strategy signature
Focus on companies that are well-managed, have sustainable growth, and have good balance sheets.
benchmark signature
S&P BSE 500
inception signature
Inception Date
18th May, 2016
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