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Health Insurance
Motor Insurance
Travel Insurance
Life Insurance
What is a Life Insurance Policy?
A Life Insurance Policy protects your family in the event of unfortunate death of the insured. When you buy a Life Insurance cover, a premium is paid to the insurance company that assures you to provide compensation to your family in the event of sudden death. It provides financial protection and stability in the absence of the policyholder.

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Different types of Life insurance policies
Health Insurance
What is a Health Insurance?
Life is a deal of good and bad surprises, Sudden illness, accidents and injuries can be a huge setback if you are not ready to deal with them. The soaring hospitalization expense can drain you financially and emotionally if you are not covered with a good Health Insurance Plan. A good Health Insurance Policy, apart from giving you large health coverage, also provides peace and a complete sense of security. Health Insurance or Medicliam is a form of insurance policy that covers expenses incurred by the insured or his family towards hospitalization due to illness, diseases, ailments or injury.
What are the Different Types of Health Insurance?
Motor Insurance
  • Private vehicles
  • Two wheelers
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Good Carrying (Eg: Public Carrying Vehicle - 3 Wheeler & Excluding 3 Wheeler, Private Car, etc)
    • Trailers
    • passenger carrying
      • Motirised rickshaws
      • Taxis
      • Buses
  • Miscellaneous vehicles
    • Hearses (funeral vehicles
    • Ambulances
    • Cinema film recording and publicity vans
    • Mobile dispensaries
What are the Different Types of Motor Insurance Policies?
Third Party
Insurance Policy
Insurance Policy
Add-on Benefits
offered in a
Motor Insurance Policy
1 Zero Depreciation Cover
2 Return to Invoice
3 NCB Protection
4 Emergency Services
5 Key Replacement
Travel Insurance
What is a Travel Insurance?
Travelling is an regular event for every person whether it is for leisure or work. But travelling has its own risk and probabilities for unforeseen events or situational distress. In order to make your travel fullproof, it is important to add Travel insurance. Travel insurance will protect you against situations like delays in flights leading to financial loss, loss of baggage, loss of passport, Accidental injury, medical emergency, etc.
  • Peace of Mind
  • Protection against Unexpected Loss
  • Concerns over losing the financial investment during a trip
offered in a
Travel Insurance Policy
1 Medical Treatment
2 Emergency Cover
3 Loss of Baggage
4 Medical Evacuation
5 Trip Cancellation
6 Loss of Passport
Premium for Travel Insurance Policy is determined by
Sum Insured Opted for
Benefits & Coverages Offers
Duration of the Travel
Travel Destination
Age & Current Health Status
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