Investment Advisory Services
Why PhillipCapital Investment Advisory Services?
PhillipCapital Investment Advisory Service is an answer for an investor who would like to grow on the crest of Indian Stock Markets, with the backing of an expert but at the same time being in control of the final decision-making.

Under PhillipCapital Investment Advisory we have designated multiple products keeping in mind the varied requirements of the investors. PhillipCapital Investment Advisory product caters to Investors wanting a Customized portfolio (Equity Advisory), Investor's requirement for a Theme based portfolio (IMPACT Flexi Cap), Investor's philosophy of investing in a Mix & Match portfolio (Oasis, Nautical & Cosmos), and also SIP in direct stocks (Simple Equity Plan).
Why PhillipCapital?
Global Presence
We operate in the financial hubs of 15 countries, serving over 1 million clients with Assets Under Management of a total of more than USD 47 Billion.
We have been your Partner in Finance since our founding in 1975.
Wide Range of Services
Our services include broking in securities, futures and foreign exchange, commodities, securities borrowing & lending, PMS, research, and corporate finance.
Equity Advisory Impact Flexi Cap Oasis Nautical Cosmos Ratnatraya Simple Equity Plan
To advise in a customized portfolio of stocks picked from a bouquet comprising Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap Companies that are diversified across various sectors. Equity Advisory is a disciplined hassle-free advisory product enabling a client to build & manage a portfolio of stocks by utilizing Fundamental Research and a process-driven approach. The product is suitable for investors with a preference for direct exposure towards equities including allocation flexibility among Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap in 1 single account.
Constant, Flexi, Dynamic
Customised (multiple of 5%)
Minimum Investment
10 Lakhs
Top Up Amount
Multiple of 1 Lakh
Investment Horizon
3 to 5 years
Based on allocation
Indicative No. of Stocks
Customised (default 20)
Monthly Report
Dedicated Demat A/c
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